Erasmus+ KA2 project with the aim to improve quality assurance in transnational VET mobility.


The Performance Skillbox will be designed to evaluate VET mobility participants’ level of SR before and after mobility thus enabling learners and staff to assess their social responsibility performance as essential part of learning outcomes.

The Skillbox will consist of 2 parts:

1 - first part will be content-based aiming to raise mobility users’ awareness of SR key aspects and give an opportunity to learn effective ways for exercising responsibility as social members and intercultural learners. The content-based part will provide useful information on how to perform better in the SR context, including: 

  • what’s the meaning of being socially responsible while on mobility;
  • what key factors can be attributed to the development of SR skills;
  • how to foster and develop social awareness and ethical conscience among mobility participants in order to enact socially responsible behaviours.

2 - second part of the Performace Skillbox will be performance-based comprising an interactive Performance Self-Test  for evaluating mobility users’ performance on SR. This will be an innovative self-appraisal tool for discovering SR skills that participants possess and those they would need to develop and boost in order to be prepared to excel as European citizens.

The developed STAYMOBIL Performance Skillbox will provide a catchy and engaging way for examining the nature of SR skills in the context of transnational mobility. That comes from the fact that a greater amount of VET mobility participants are young people.



The Erasmus+ funded STAYMOBIL project sets the overall aim to improve quality assurance in transnational VET mobility through socially responsible behaviour of all VET mobility actors, thus promoting and further developing quality in mobility and sustaining learning outcomes.

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