Erasmus+ KA2 project with the aim to improve quality assurance in transnational VET mobility.


The Recommendations Booklet will be aimed to enhance and facilitate transferability of the Framework and Practice Kit to organizations dealing with mobility /sending, intermediary & receiving/ in EU countries beyond project consortium. Moreover, O3 will supplement O1 & O2, as it will provide guidelines for applying these instruments into practice.

Based on the national testing experiences in partners’ countries and relying on Compilation Report results emerging from O1 & O2 evaluation workshops, the Recommendations Booklet will comprise:

1. Overview of Framework and Practice Kit Pilot Implementation and Testing In the first section of O3 a short statistics excerpt of pilot implementation and testing results in all partner countries will be provided – activities undertaken; profile and number of experts involved in internal testing processes, type of target audience presented during national evaluation workshops in each partner country;  a brief overview of evaluation analysis made. This section will be a preamble to the core units of the Booklet giving a glance at the origin of the collected inputs and expertise.

2. Good Practices Dossier. This chapter will contain a compilation of country specific good practices in terms of both internal implementation of O1 & O2 by project organizations and reported feedback by the participants taking part in the external testing workshops. 


Please click below to download the StayMobil Reference Framework in Partner Languages:

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The Erasmus+ funded STAYMOBIL project sets the overall aim to improve quality assurance in transnational VET mobility through socially responsible behaviour of all VET mobility actors, thus promoting and further developing quality in mobility and sustaining learning outcomes.

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